A Guide To Formal Shirts: Types, Colors, Ways To Style, And Its Importance

Formal shirts can be quite a unique yet essential element added into formal fashion. With the usage of premium fabrics and its overall elegant appearance, formal shirts for men have become somewhat of a staple. However, like every coin has a flip side, formal shirts can be quite a disaster if not styled properly. This issue may come with not having proper knowledge about a formal shirt. This blog intends on taking a deep dive into the world of formal shirts and taking a look at how they can be understood and styled properly. 

What Are Formal Shirts? How Are They Different?

Formal shirts refer to shirts that have been made with formal occasions in mind. Essentially, they are made with stiffer fabrics, have basic patterns and do not come in extremely bright colors. The stitching of the shirts are different too, as these shirts are made to fit the wearer in a flattering way, unlike casual shirts, which are not made to be well fitted. These features that may seem too small to notice, can completely change the ambiance of a shirt and make it fit to be worn by a royal. The charm and elegance of formal shirts come from its fabric, the cuff and collar stitching, and the smooth seams on it. 

How Many Types Of Formal Shirts Are There?

Depending on the body type, and personal preference, people can opt for different types of formal shirts. The two basic types of formal shirts are:

  • Classic Fit

Classic fit, formal shirt is a type of shirt that has a more relaxed and comfortable figure. It’s got a generously cut waist, to showcase a straight silhouette, and with the relaxed fitting, it provides a lot more mobility and comfortability in movement. This shirt is perfect for everyday wear.

  • Slim Fit

A slim fit, formal shirt is made with a considerably fitted silhouette that showcases the wearers physique. The waist, chest, and hem are cut in a narrow way, and left short in length. With considerably less fabric being used, a slim fit shirt is a great way to appear more clean and tucked in. 


What Are The Best Colors For Formal Shirts?

Formal shirts for men are available in a large variety of colors ranging from light, dark, to earthy browns. Considering these shirts are on formal occasions, brighter colors, like neons or shocking pinks are not commonly found in formal shirts. Lighter colors like baby pink or white are the perfect option for less formal occasions, and events that call for a more comfortable ambience. Darker colors are the perfect option for more formal events like a business meeting, as the exude authority. These shirts come with a large variety of patterns like dots or checkered. This makes formal shirts a rather versatile option, and capable of being worn on any formal occasion. 

Tips To Style Formal Shirts?

There are a large myriad of tips to help style formal shirts. These best tips to style a formal shirt are: 

  • Shirt With Suit

Considering the fact that most formal shirts are made to be worn with a complete suit, pairing your shirt with a suit can be quite a charming option. Opt for a suit which is in a contrasting color with their shirt, to appear more professional, and put together.

  • Pair With Simple Pants

For a more casual formal event, simply pair your formal shirt with a pair of pants. Opt for darker colors, like black, or navy blue, as it can be worn with a larger variety of colors.

  • Accessorize Smartly

For formal outfits, having a lot of accessories can be quite displeasing to the eye. It is essential to accessorize in a smart way. Try wearing an elegant watch, and a simple belt. The charm of the formal shirt is enough, and if there are too many things, the outfit will be simply bland. 

  • Choose Carefully

One of the most important tips for styling your formal shirt, is choosing the color, pattern and pairing extremely carefully. Try to understand the requirements of the occasion, and dress accordingly. Opt for elongation and slimming patterns, and darker colors for a more formal ambiance. But in the end, it all boils down to personal preference. 

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Why Is The Addition Of Formal Shirts In Every Wardrobe Essential?

The addition of a formal shirt is an imperative move for every person. Whether you are in the corporate world or not, formal shirts can be worn on any formal event. They are the perfect choice with their well fitted silhouette and the usage of premium fabrics, people have been readily including them in their outfits. First of all, they look extremely charming and elegant. Secondly, they are perfect for every occasion from business meetings to cultural weddings. And lastly, formal shirts for men are made to show off the best parts of one’s physique and can flatter every body type. 

Final Thoughts

Even if you opt to invest in a formal shirt or not, it is important to realize its impact on formal clothing. Without formal shirts, most people cannot imagine creating a formal outfit. If you wish to look charming and feel confident, try different types of formal shirts, and experiment to find which color or pattern flatters your body the most. These small yet impactful tips can help you feel both confident in a formal shirt as well as look elegantly graceful.