Facial Scrub

How do you scrub up?

Facial scrubs are definitely a matter of personal taste, some like theirs to be chemical based which work by dissolving dead skin cells, sebum and sweat that has collected on the skin. Usually containing with AHA’s or BHA’s (or even both)

While others prefer a more manual method using creams with exfoliating granules incorporated.

I definitely fall into the later category, I like to feel the scrub working on my face and I don’t like the stinging sensation chemical exfoliators can give.

Which is why I’m loving Simple (kind to skin) Smoothing Facial Scrub.

What they say:

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub is a perfect blend of active ingredients and vitamin goodness to remove dead skin cells and keep your skin brighter and more even textured. Perfect for even sensitive skin.

  • Pro Vitamin B5 actively restores, softens and smooths.
  • Vitamin E moisturises to improve skin condition.
  • Rice Granules gently exfoliate and brighten.
  • No Perfume, No Colour.
  • No unnecessary or harsh chemicals so it won’t upset your skin.
  • Dermatologically tested and approved.

I’ve been using the Simple Scrub for a long time…. one tube seems to last forever, even though I use it up to three times a week to ‘deep cleanse’ my face.

And even though I use it that often and have sensitive skin, it has never, ever, ever irritated my skin.

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It is, for those who have never used it, a thick cream based exfoliator with lots of ‘grit.’ (not real grit but you know what I mean)

The cream is white, and there is no perfumed smell to it, just the smell of the ingredients… which, isn’t the best odour in the world to be honest. But considering perfume can irritate sensitive skin it is best that it has no artificial scent as they aim it at the sensitive.

You apply it to damp skin and massage it in, it does tell you to do it for no more than 2 mins, but to be honest I’ve rubbed it in for longer than that with no ill effects.

The only slight down side to this scrub is it does take a couple of rinses to wash it all off the skin, if you only rinse once you will still have gritty bits on your face. Not great when rubbing moisturiser in.

But once removed it leaves my skin as soft as a babies. And my moisturiser sinks in like a dream.