What are Megaclusters slots online? 


Megacluster slots have been touted as being the next big thing with online slots. Thanks to it’s huge win potential and wide array of bonus features, it is well on it’s way to becoming a future classic. Newer players might be a little confused about megaclusters and what exactly the fuss is all about – click to play.

What exactly is a Megacluster slot? 

A megacluster slot is a type of slot which starts as a simple 4×4 grid, don’t let this fool you though. When players get a winning combination, the symbols in the combination will split into four smaller symbols, becoming megaclusters, resulting in the grid increasing size. This increases the amount of winning possibilities for the player as well. In the base game, players can expand the grid to 8×8, double its original size! The megaclusters slot has proven to be extremely popular amongst players, it offers several advantages to those who play it. 

Advantages of Using a Megacluster slot 

Using a megacluster slot comes with significant benefits for the player to enjoy. There is a reason why so many players enjoy megacluster slots. 

  1. The chance for Big wins while playing megaclusters is something which many players find hard to turn down. Thanks to a mixture of the megaclusters and the game’s additional features, huge wins are possible in this game. For instance, when using star clusters players have the chance to win up to 23,000 x their initial stake!
  2. While the megaclusters are certainly a big draw for this type of slot, the huge amount of bonus features is something which really keeps players coming back for more. This features make an already desirable game simply unmissable, with things such as avalanche wins, special wilds which also contain multipliers and a free spins feature!
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Disadvantages of Using a Megacluster Slot 

Although Megaclusters are an exciting gameplay feature which have the potential to become as popular as the Megaways game engine has, there are a few aspects of it which some may consider downsides. 

  •     It is quite difficult to get wins. Although the game is filled to the brim with action and excitement, the rush of using avalanche wins and megaclusters can make it a little difficult to keep up with your payout. The game can be a fast paced blur sometimes, making it especially difficult to take a moment and savour a win.
  •     If you are somebody who has difficulty seeing smaller details, the megaclusters can sometimes be difficult to spot as they get smaller. Although the smaller megaclusters certainly provide tremendous benefits for players, they can be hard to see for people with less than perfect eyesight or those who are playing on a smaller screen.
  •     Although Megaclusters are an exciting new game engine, the initial setup of the game can appear quite basic to some players. Although the grid can grow, the 4×4 grid can get quite tiresome at the start of every new round.

Final Thoughts 

Although the megacluster slot certainly possesses a few disadvantages, it has a lot more benefits for players to enjoy. The huge winning potential and bonus features help to make the game memorable.

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