Common deposit methods at slot sites in 2021


The way in which we deposit to play slot games online has never really changed. You sign up to an online casino and use your back details to make individual payments – play at Slotsbaby. It was really simple.

However, things have changed and that means the most common deposit methods at slot sites are likely to change in 2021. What do I mean by this? Let’s look at some of these common deposit methods and see why things have changed.

Debit card/bank details

The debit card has always been the most common deposit method to pay for slot games online and that isn’t going to change any time soon.

The reason for this is down to how easy it is to use. When you sign up to an online casino, you are asked to provide your bank details to set up your casino account. Once your account is active, you can use your debit card to transfer money between this casino account and your bank account. The money in your casino account can be used as a deposit to play slots.

This has always been the easiest way to play slots however, players who are worried about online security will avoid it like the plague. So, what’s the alternative? The answer comes in the form of a rising trend.

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Pay by phone casino

Almost 78% of people now carry a smart phone. That means that means that more people have the ability to play slot games on their mobile phone. With this trend, phone companies and online casinos have come up with a way to help mobile slot players deposit to play slots with their phone.

The pay by phone casino method allows players to add the money that they deposit to play slots to their phone bill at the end of the month. This bypasses the need for an online casino account and therefore adds an extra layer of security.

Since the amount of players using their mobile phones to play slot games has risen 28% in the last year, you can count on the pay by phone casino method being one the common deposit methods in 2021.

Third party banking sites.

Sticking with the issue of security, there are websites and services out there that serve as a middle man for people wishing to buy online services.

Sites like PayPal hold money for players and they can use this site to deposit and play slots instead of transferring money directly between their bank account to the online casino. This middle man service adds an extra layer of security between the player and casino site.

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PayPal is only one example of these services and so you can expect plenty of players to deposit to play slots this way in 2021 for its added level of security.


There we have it. Due to rising trends and technological advancements, these are going to be the common deposit methods at slot sites in 2021. Is it time that you caught up?

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