Know The Best Tips To Look Slim In Designer Anarkali Suits

Anarkali Suits

Anarkali Suits

Nothing says timeless and elegant quite like an Anarkali; it is all a part of the modern Indian aesthetic. With AMPM’s Anarkalis, you will not only feel timeless and elegant because of the minimalistic design but also feel modern and luxurious. While Anarkali’s are easy to pull off, we want to give you some tips to make sure all that post-baby fat stays hidden allowing you to put your best foot forward. Or should I say… Best designer foot forward! 

Heels are a go-to

Heels are a simple way to both accessorise your outfit while at the same time, creating the illusion that you look slim. How this helps is it elongates your body giving the illusion that by being taller, you look more statuesque. Usually the taller the heels are, the slimmer you will look, but since comfort is necessary, we suggest you opt for wedges which give you height as well as comfort.

Length is important

An Anarkali dress for women can come up to your knee and it may seem childish as compared to floor-length ones that make you look timeless and elegant. Clearly, there is a drawback to floor-length ones. They take away your height and this, in turn, makes you look short and stout. However, when you wear Anarkali’s that come up to your shin you get both, the height as well as the elegance.  

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Sleeves are a must

As you can tell, lines are essential. They immediately command attention regardless of the surroundings. If the line appears broken, it can subconsciously make you look dull. It can easily be solved by wearing sleeves which elongate the line on your arms. They work well for arms that are not toned as well. While wearing full sleeves may become too hot, you can also opt for sleeves that go a little beyond your elbow.

Shapewear is very helpful

Everyone has that Anarkali that they simply adore but it doesn’t look quite the same with post-baby or post-vacation weight. You can simply opt for shapewear. This way, you do not have to alter that beautiful outfit to fit your body — you can simply alter your body to fit it. So, you can go crazy at the dessert table without worrying about fitting into your outfit the next day.

Monotones add to the elegance

As previously stated, lines are essential. It adds to the discreet luxury of the product. In other words, monotone outfits elongate the lines on your body, giving you a silhouette. With AMPM’s Anarkali, the timeless elegance is highlighted by the thoughtfully designed minimalistic pieces. These pieces not only help you look refined and sophisticated but also the meticulous detailing in the clothes make them timeless.

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Tailor your clothes

While all these tips and tricks can be used to make your body appear slim, nothing will be as effective as tailoring your clothes for your body. Anarkali dresses for women are especially tricky to pull off. Since the clothes are made specifically for you, they will be able to highlight your beauty much better than well-placed dupattas ever can, leaving you looking breathtaking. View moreof these Anarkalis at online outlets like AMPM. There are two things you should never leave to chance, the gas in your car and your precious clothes. With AMPM designs inspired by various art forms, your clothes are in the best designer hands. Their understated glamour just leaves you wanting to for more. Along with their 18 years of experience, they also provide free shipping, made to order, COD available in India as well as worldwide shipping.

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