4 new trends in accessories for girls


Get ready to be fashionable with the latest trends in accessories. Your sunglasses can cause a sensation.

From time to time fashion changes and new accessory trends are introduced to the market to show them the latest. New brands appear and articles and products are created that become almost essential for anyone.

If you like fashion, don’t miss these novelties that are succeeding all over the world. We bring you some  fashion accessories, jewelry or items that come onto the market and whose existence you may not have realized.

New trends in accessories

What we can begin to observe within the fashion world is that each season not only changes clothes, but also accessories and accessories with which it combines. There are as many trends as a color palette, and each person, according to their own style, personality and taste, will be attracted to one thing or another.

There are those who decide to bet on a more personal style and not follow the big “crowd”. While others dress in the same clothes as their favorite celebrities or follow the style of their most influential friends.

Regardless of your reason for investing in fashion accessories and accessories , we tell you what you can find or what people are wearing.

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1. Ethnic style

Surely you have seen many girls wearing things of an ethnic style. It really is a classic that comes out every summer and reinvents itself every season. Bet on introducing this ethnic touch with some of the trends in accessories:

  • Try introducing bold and vivid colors
  • Look for ‘maxi’ accessories: it takes everything big
  • Chokers or chokers: black ribbon necklaces and beads
  • Necklaces
  • Slopes
  • Bangles
  • Rings
  • Gold colored pieces
  • Silver colored pieces

All these are perfect for going out both day and night. The ideal to combine your beach holidays and be fashionable!


One of the best accessories and trends that is also reinvented every season and year is sunglasses . An accessory that not only protects us from the sun’s rays and improves our quality of vision , but also makes our  look complete.

Generally, the most personal and original sunglasses that famous ones wear are usually in fashion . Today, with the help of social networks, we can all find out what they wear and how they show it with their photos.

In this case, the ‘Goodbye Rita’ brand is a very economical firm that shows a great variety of very colorful and striking glasses models that have a rubber touch finish and multi-colored temples.

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3. Bags

Another brand that never ceases to amaze us is Carolina Herrera. It is true that it may not be suitable for all budgets, but if you want to invest in quality, Carolina Herrera is a safe bet.

In this case, the «Bimba» bag has been on the market for 15 years. It has been reinventing itself and has become an iconic design , it has a rectangular shape and a padded texture. It has been transforming and has been playing with the new trends of each moment and each year.

For the anniversary, this bag got dressed up and they brought out collections with sequins, flowers, glitters and pom poms. If your pocket does not allow it, keep in mind that many bag houses allow the rental of these for much lower prices.

4. Giant mats

Surely you have seen hundreds of very large inflatable mats in Instagram photos When they came onto the market they were very expensive, however, we can already get them for much more affordable prices.

These mats are a trend in recent summers. The cold months come to a dent and when the heat begins, we dream of lying on a large mat.

In this case, they are giants and attract a lot of attention. We can find amazing and very original models that amuse both the older and the younger ones in the house.

  • Flamingos
  • Unicorns
  • Pizza slices
  • Pineapple
  • Watermelon
  • Cactus
  • Swans
  • Donuts

Additionally, it can be your perfect summer accessory. You may not be able to wear it as a necklace or a ring, however, you can enjoy it as much or more than those fashion accessories.

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