What does face slimming treatment involve?

face slimming treatment

The contents of the face slimming treatment course vary depending on the beauty salon, but the methods most salons use are as follows.

・Hand massage A massage performed by the hands of an esthetician. This treatment uses techniques such as tapping and lifting facial fat to loosen the entire face, burn fat, and restore firmness and elasticity. The flow of blood and lymph is also promoted, giving your entire face a refreshing look. Since this treatment is performed manually, there are individual differences in technique and level.

・Lymphatic Trenage When lymph flow is blocked, waste products and excess water accumulate, causing swelling of the face and dullness of the skin. Lymphatic massage will tighten up your swollen and large face, making your face look smaller. This treatment is recommended for people who are prone to swelling.

・Radio wave irradiation By irradiating high frequency electromagnetic waves such as radio waves, water molecules rotate and generate frictional heat. This increases collagen fibers and helps burn fat cells. The heat generated reduces the water content in fat cells, so you can feel the tightening effect.

・We use a high-frequency machine such as a high-frequency irradiation summer cool. It aims to repair and regenerate collagen by irradiating high frequency waves while cooling the surface of the skin. Not only does it make your face smaller, but it also improves the causes of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging, giving you firmer skin and a brighter look.

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Does it have a face slimming effect?

You may sometimes massage your face by yourself in the bath, etc., but if you slim your face at a slimming beauty salon, you will experience a much better slimming effect than if you massage yourself. It is difficult to train facial muscles on your own, and massaging with too much force can damage your skin. On the other hand, at slimming beauty salons, you can receive treatments tailored to each person’s face, so you can expect not only to get smaller, but also to have a well-balanced and beautiful skin. Furthermore, you will be taught lifestyle habits and effective facial exercises to maintain a smaller face, which will not only help slim your face but also maintain it, which is several times better than doing it yourself. Masu.

Facial slimming treatments at slimming beauty salons are performed using a variety of methods using the latest machines. Furthermore, you can receive detailed care from an esthetician that cannot be done with equipment. When you go on a diet, you may lose the fat on your face and wrinkles may become more noticeable, so consider using a slimming beauty treatment to achieve a youthful look and a smaller face.