Slimming beauty salon situation in Tokyo

Slimming Beauty Salons

There are countless slimming beauty salons in Tokyo. From major salons to small salons with close ties to the local community. A major slimming beauty salon has several stores in Tokyo. The fact that there are many stores means that you can choose a salon that is close to your workplace, or you can choose one that is close to your home. . It can be said that it is easy to use because it is easy to make reservations.
Even if you want to go on a diet using a slimming beauty salon, you cannot immediately sign up for a course. Some of you may have looked at some salons out of curiosity, but were surprised by the high prices of the courses. First, you need to try it out and see if it suits you, if it’s effective, and if you can keep going.

We recommend trying it out at as many salons as possible. In Tokyo, there are many slimming beauty salons nearby, so it’s easy to experience many salons. You can sign a contract with the salon you like, and even if you don’t sign a contract, you can receive diet advice at each salon, which has the advantage of being able to practice it at home.

Popular slimming beauty salon in Tokyo

1st place: Slim Beauty House

They have many stores in Tokyo. Famous for its pelvic diet, it is a diet esthetic that mixes Oriental medicine. The machines that work on your inner muscles are especially intense, and you can feel the effect of burning fat. It seems that it is a treatment that you can experience considerable effects with just one trial. Of course, by continuing to visit, the position of the pelvis will become normal and the results will be more effective. I’m glad that the trial price is very cheap at 500 yen for 60 minutes.

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2nd Place: Elseine

Elseine has a reputation for its hand massages. Combined with the machine, the fat burning effect is also increased. Massages performed with awareness of lymph flow will be especially effective. -The trial course to lose 8 cm is also very cheap at 500 yen for 60 minutes. It seems that most people go home after achieving -8 cm. The salon has a homely atmosphere as well.

3rd place: Esthetic Socié

All-hand massage treatment is popular for its relaxing effect. The store has a calm and elegant atmosphere with a celebrity feel. The Enda Modelage trial course is 30 minutes and costs 3,000 yen.

There are many slimming beauty salons in Tokyo, so it is easy to experience multiple salons.