10 fashion rules by Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese fashion rules

1. Lay a Foundation.

Little black sheath dress that flatters all the curves of the ideal bodyshape of Dita von Teese, is the basis of her wardrobe. Being supporter of minimalist accessories, it has traditionally been limited to pumps on the high heels and one really expensive jewellery piece. But the makeup of Dita von Teese just can not be called laconic: wide black eyeliner, long fake eyelashes and red lipstick is her basic set.

2. Like fur.

Defenders of animals can relax diva Dita von Teese have been, is and will wear fur. At least as a fringe on the mantle, where it covers the evening gown. Note laying wave in the style of 20-ies – it takes an enormous skill. By the way, you can create stylish look with the artificial fur too.

3. Explore the past.

It seems that in the dressing room Dita von Teese is the machine of time – it looks in the style of 40-ies of XX century accurate to the smallest detail. In a conservative polka long dress and round clutch she truly is a lady of post-war era than on the artist of a sexy genre.

4. Find inspiration.

In his own clothing line Muse for the Australian Department store David Jones Dita von Teese turned to her favorite style of pin-up. Large floral patterns, red and pink hue and integral skinny fit ideally suited her style. Thus it is necessary to say that the flower print – the only one which allows himself Dita von Teese.

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5. Explore the history of fashion.

Dita von Teese often wears clothes made of dense fabric with draperies, focusing on its merits, and loves cut in the style of the great couturier of the past. For example, high-necked dress, John Galliano with complex asymmetric drape can be mistaken for the creation of Christian Dior.

6. Remember mother’s advice.

Dita von Teese itself sets the rules, and the fact that today glossy magazines favour different accessories and cuts is of little concern. She has unique style and only wears the clothes she likes and so be it. It’s hard to argue when she looks so harmoniously in the structural tea length dress.

7. Change roles.

This is extremely rare, but sometimes Dita von Teese allows himself to play ”men’s games”. Flared bottom black trousers with high waist, starched floral shirt would turn it from a lady in a gentleman, if not maroon lipstick, gold clutch and high heels. As it is strange, but sexy Dita’s a good one to create the image of a La Garzon.

8. Choose carefully.

Talent is important Dita von Teese – the ability to choose exactly what she goes and meets her whole style, among the diversity of design novelties. Blue dress by Christian Dior accented with a diamond necklace was worn for Pre-GOlden Glob dinner at 2009 but still get applause for its modern design. By the way, blue is one of the few bright colors, which recognizes von Teese.

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9. Love your body.

To tempt, to charm and seduce – that’s what she does, and we must admit that she doing it well. The star does not hesitate to highlight her strengths (one of the main among them is amazing cleavage) and on important events chooses to dress in the style of the Golden age of Hollywood – antique silhouette silky fabrics.

10. Hone the art of striking appearance.

Wherever you met Dita von Teese, with almost 100% certainty we can say that it will look fabulous. Even at the airport, hiding tired for the long flight eyes behind dark glasses, she has not given up skirt-pencil, spectacular Bolero and red lipstick and is that what has replaced sky-high heels on a slightly more mundane.