4 Reasons to Reevaluate Your Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine

Everyone loves talking about their latest skincare discovery. It’s something you constantly see on social media. However, something that needs to be discussed a little more is when to walk away from a product. Not all products work for all people, no matter what the advertisements claim. 

Whether you have just started your skincare journey or you have been using some favorites for years, finding the right products takes work. It is just as important to learn when to shake up your products as it is to form the habit. Proper skincare should keep evolving as you do. Here are four questions to ask yourself that might hint that you’re ready for a change.

1. Has your skin changed?

As people go through life, their body changes. You’re probably familiar with the changes associated with puberty and maybe the acne that comes with it. But as you get older, there are many other changes, especially with your skin. So many factors of life can change the appearance of your skin such as a new diet, stress, pregnancy, or even just aging.

Making changes to your routine to accommodate these events is very important. If you’ve developed allergies to certain product ingredients after pregnancy, make a switch. If you’re noticing more wrinkles or dark spots and your moisturizer isn’t helping, you might add an anti-aging treatment. Just like your music taste or your wardrobe choices change as life goes on, so should your beauty routine. 

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2. Where are you located?

A factor to consider when adjusting your skincare that may be overlooked is your location. Where you live or travel to may have different effects on your hair, body, and skin. If you have jumped zip codes lately and your dermis feels a little off, it may be time to consider different products. 

For example, going from a beachy environment to a dry mountainous one will most likely turn your normally dewy skin bone dry. You also wouldn’t want to bring a heavy cream or oily serum to a more humid environment. This could make your skin more likely to have a breakout. Taking time to think about these changes and selecting appropriate products before the trip or move will save you some stress over your skin’s condition. That can also mean less time staring in a mirror and more time enjoying the moment. 

3. Is it even working?

Picture this, you’re scrolling social media and the beauty influencers are raving about a new breakthrough product that “everyone must try.” You decide to try it, so you add it to your cart and wait for it to arrive. Initially, you love the item because it feels great and smells nice. However, while you feel very trendy, you aren’t noticing the results you were promised. This happens to so many people. Even though it is not necessarily hurting your skin, you probably don’t want to keep an extra step in the lineup if it really isn’t doing anything for you.

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A disappointing reason to change the way you take care of your complexion is not seeing results. You wouldn’t continue to take medication that isn’t working for you, so why would you keep using that cream or serum? Of course, it is important to give it a few weeks to see if a new item works for you. But after that, if you aren’t seeing desired changes, it may be time to try something else. 

4. Is it causing more problems?

One of the biggest signs that it’s time to change what’s in your skincare routine is if it is irritating. A new product shouldn’t cause itchiness, redness, or any other irritations. If any of that occurs after your daily facial, you need to find out what product is causing the problem. Once you figure that out, remove it from your regimen. 

Another factor to consider about your reaction to your routine is breakouts or worsening conditions. If your acne or redness seems to flare up after using certain washes or creams, it might not be for you. Some products, like exfoliant, can cause a little tingle or irritation, but it shouldn’t be persistent or long lasting. Listen to what your skin is telling you when trying new products on your face. 

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It takes time to find products that work for your skin. There are so many products out there that are hyped up on the internet. Just because someone is endorsing it, doesn’t mean your face is going to love it. That’s normal. It can be a helpful decision to reevaluate your skincare routine. Finding products that don’t work can help bring you closer to finding products that do. 

Whether you currently use products that just aren’t seeing results or are actually harming your skin, change can be a good thing. A great skincare routine is the foundation of a healthy complexion. Be sure to give each product the appropriate window of time to work and watch for any reactions. One of the benefits of a plethora of products is that you’ll likely be able to find a replacement. Aim to find a routine that feels good and addresses any of your areas of concern.

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