5 exercises to do at home and keep fit


Due to the quarantine, gyms and sports activity centers have had to close their doors. However, this is not an impediment to exercise. Discover some options to do at home.

With most activities suspended due to the coronavirus crisis, quarantine increases the risk of sedentary lifestyle in a significant part of the population. For this reason, knowing some exercises to do at home is an interesting measure to contribute to physical and mental well-being.

Remember that physical activity has positive effects on health. As a post in Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine highlights , exercising is associated with a long life span. Specifically, it contributes to reducing the risk of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular problems, diabetes, lung conditions, among others.

Likewise, exercise contributes to mental health and emotion management, which is quite relevant considering that the current situation leads to states of panic, stress and anxiety in the population. Do you dare to do exercises at home?

Exercises to do at home during quarantine

In times of illness, habits that help keep defenses strong become more relevant. Therefore, despite the quarantine, the general recommendation is to continue exercising, although preferably in a moderate way.

Of course, the above must go hand in hand with good nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. In addition, it must be adapted to the needs of each person, since not everyone has the same physical capacity. In any case, considering the situation, it must be clear that the objective is to increase well-being and not achieve certain objectives.

Leaving these details clear, let’s see now what are the exercises to do at home. Sedentary people can dedicate about 20 minutes, while those who have enough physical resistance can extend this period for up to 40 minutes.

1. March on site

On-site gait exercise is an interesting way to increase your heart rate without putting too much strain on your joints. It is recommended to start the training routine, since it warms the muscles and prepares them for the other exercises.

2. Burpees

The burpees  are considered a full year, it involves endurance, strength and coordination. According to information published in the Health & Fitness Journal, there is evidence to suggest that this type of exercise helps increase physical fitness and reduce fatigue.

3. Jump: knee raise

This exercise helps to increase the heart rate during the exercise routine. In addition, it also helps strengthen different muscle groups in the body, including the abdomen and lower extremities. In general, it is an activity that combines the typical movement of running with an exaggerated lifting of the knees.

4. Iron flexed on the knees

One of the exercises to do at home that should not be missing in the routine is the iron. Although there are many ways to do it, including the classic one, in this case it is flexion on the knees. Because it involves various muscle groups, it is ideal for increasing physical endurance . In addition, it contributes to strengthening the abdominal wall.

5. Elevated bridge

The elevated bridge is an exercise that complements the routine in order to tone the buttocks. However, in addition to this, a study published in the Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy found that it also contributes to increasing trunk muscle activity.

Recommendations for doing these exercises at home

As we see, each of these exercises has characteristics that allow us to strengthen different muscle groups and increase cardiovascular activity. However, its effects are not obtained overnight or with a single practice. If we want to avoid the effects of sedentary lifestyle during quarantine, it is essential to be consistent with its practice.

Therefore, it is convenient to organize the activities of the day, both work and home, and allocate an exclusive space to do these exercises. As we have said, routines between 20 and 40 minutes are fine. Also, it is good to look for a free space, where they can be done in total comfort. Go ahead now!

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