CaCo method: lose weight walking


The CaCo method is a gentle way to start or resume physical activity. In general, it contributes to losing weight and toning when you cannot do strenuous exercise. How to implement it? Here we detail it!

The CaCo  method is an alternative to regain fitness and lose weight without risking injury after prolonged periods of physical inactivity. It can be a good option for people who cannot do strenuous exercise, or who have just returned to their routines.

What exactly is it? What are its benefits? This time we want to resolve these questions. In addition, we detail its main advantages and how to start implementing it.

What is the CaCo method ?

The name of this method comes from the mixture of walking (Ca) and running (Co) . Therefore, as its name suggests, it is a matter of resuming or starting physical activity, alternating these two activities in the same exercise session. That is, walking intervals will be combined with running intervals.

What are the advantages of this method?

Whether you have decided to start physical activity from a sedentary life, or if you are a regular athlete but who has been without training for these months, the CaCo method has interesting advantages .

You must bear in mind that being in good physical shape leads, on the one hand, to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system . This means that the heart and lungs work well and are used to adapting to the intensity of exercise in order to continue supplying the body with blood and oxygen.

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On the other hand, a good physical condition allows the muscles, tendons and the musculoskeletal system to be in good condition to do the activity you want, in the intensity you want.

The problem arises if you start exercising abruptly, demanding too much of yourself, as the body may not respond as it should. Consequently, it increases the risk of tendon injuries , muscle tears, dizziness and other negative effects.

So whether you are going to start a new active lifestyle, or resume your old training rhythm, you need to make sure you recondition the cardiovascular and circulatory systems. In this way, little by little, you will improve your physical shape without suffering injuries.

How to start with the CaCo method ?

The first thing to consider before doing any type of physical activity is preparing and warming up the body. warming adequate protect you against injuries of all kinds . Once you have warmed up and chosen the environment in which you are going to practice exercise, you can get going.

It’s about finding your own rhythm and setting the series without straining too hard. Thus, the first days you can alternate, for example, series of one minute running and four minutes walking, for a total of twenty or thirty minutes.

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As the days progress, you can modify these series to increase their intensity. That is, you can continue with series of two minutes running and three minutes of walking. Then three running and two walking … and so, indefinitely.

To make this exercise even more effective, you must ensure that the minutes of walking are dynamic. This means that you will not walk like on a walk , but you will do it at a fast pace . In addition, you will also help yourself from the upper part, that is, the trunk and arms.

The benefits of the method

Starting or resuming an active life will always mean an improvement for health. If you also accompany this physical activity with a healthy diet, success is guaranteed. Keeping a record, little by little you will begin to notice results like the following:

  • More toned muscles.
  • Loss of fat.
  • Better mood.
  • Less anxiety and tension.
  • Better lung capacity.

If in addition to this you do it in a coherent and responsible way, adapting your physical abilities and going at your own pace, you will protect yourself against injuries that can be very annoying. 

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