The makeup you use for the day are those that do not cover your skin tone but rather highlight it. We provide you with some super useful and gentle tips for every day.

The appropriate makeup to wear during the day are characterized by preserving naturalness, subtly highlighting the features. The predominant colors in these makeups are obviously pastel, soft tones. 

The idea is to give a fresh look with a light layer of makeup. Therefore, any excess of shadows, blush, lipsticks and eyeliners should be avoided. On the other hand, what you want to take advantage of is the skin tone to give it the right and necessary luminosity.

The right makeup to wear during the day combines perfectly with various casual and semi-informal looks , making them very versatile. To add a touch of color, for a special moment, you can choose to apply a lipstick of some strong color: red, fuchsia or magenta.

Some preliminary tips

  1. Wash your face with a suitable soap for your skin type .
  2. Avoid washing your face with hot water, as this will open the pores and facilitate the accumulation of impurities. The most recommended is to always wash with fresh water.
  3. You can apply a toner to the brightest areas (forehead, brow, nose and chin). This will help your makeup last longer and make you look fresher.
  4. Before applying makeup, to make the products look better, quickly and lightly run an ice cube over your face.
  5. After the previous step, proceed to apply a light layer of moisturizing lotion. We recommend that you always opt for one that includes sun protection  to protect your skin from sunlight, wind and other environmental factors.
  6. Let the sunscreen lotion dry well.
  7. Proceed to apply the foundation.
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How to get the right makeup for the day

First of all, the foundation should be the same shade as your skin. We suggest matte blushes to make your skin look more natural. Liquid foundations blend better with the skin and will give you a more natural look.

Secondly, we proceed to cover the dark circles and blemishes of the eyes by applying a cream concealer. Apply dots or stripes with a concealer brush, then blend with your ring finger for a lighter touch. Some practical tips when it comes to your eyes:

  • For shade, choose neutral, pastel, and bright colors.
  • Avoid shades that have a medium or dark hue.
  • Avoid using mascara or black eyeliner to darken your eyelids as well as shimmer shadows . Using both or one of them will make your look look very heavy for the day.
  • Apply a touch of highlighter to the area of ​​the cheekbones, on the blush. It will make you look youthful and healthy.
  • Avoid thick eyeliners around the entire eye. Try to draw only a thin line at the end of the upper eyelid to raise your eyes a little more. There are several types of fine strokes suitable for the day that you can adapt to your style.
  • To fix the makeup, apply a little powder (compact or loose) with a thick brush, and spread it all over the face to unify. The idea is to give the skin a slightly velvety look.
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The eyebrows, the frame of the face

Third, to make up and define the eyebrows, choose a color that matches the color of your hair . We suggest using an angle brush and eyeshadow instead of an eye pencil. To achieve a more natural look for the day, we suggest these steps:

  1. Define the bottom of your eyebrows. Don’t forget to respect the natural proportion of your eyebrows.
  2. By following the contour of the top, be more subtle since delineating this area can be more noticeable and you will lose the natural look you are looking for if you are not careful.
  3. Use a bit of mascara to style your eyebrows. Don’t apply too much, it should be just a touch.
  4. Blend the contour of your eyebrow with the help of a small brush.
  5. Then you can proceed to curl your lashes and apply mascara.

Pink shades for lips

The pink tones are the most suitable for daytime looks because they help to maintain the naturalness of the face and define the lips in a sweet and subtle way. Choose the shade that you like the most and the type of product (matte, glossy, stick, liquid, etc.).

To outline the lips, use a light color. An old pink or light brown is perfect.  Now, if you are using lipstick from a tube, apply it directly or with a brush. We also recommend you take a look at our tips to wear enviable lips  to complement your makeup.

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Apply these tips and conquer the world!

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