Hair loss is something no one wants to deal with. Unfortunately, it is a normal part of aging, and occur for other reasons as well. Some of these include disease, alopecia, genetics, and more. However, hair loss does not have to be a problem for you any longer!

Are you looking for the best hair growth treatment that you can do in the comfort of your own home? We have you covered! This article is going to focus on the best at home hair growth treatment, how it works, and all the details in between. Read on to learn more!

Hair Growth Cycle and Hair Loss

Before we discuss at home hair growth treatment, you need to understand how the hair on your scalp grows and sheds. The hair growth cycle consists of three different stages that each have their own primary function. These three stages are the anagen, catagen, and telogen stage.

  1. Anagen Phase: This is the growing stage of the hair follicle. The hair can remain in the anagen stage anywhere from 2-6 years. The growth begins in the papilla, which is the base of the hair follicle. The hairs on the scalp are in the anagen phase about 90% of the time.
  2. Catagen Phase: This is also known as the transitional stage and can last up to 2 weeks. During this time, the hair follicle begins to shrink, preparing itself to enter the next phase.
  3. Telogen Phase: The third and final stage of the hair growth cycle. The telogen phase is where the papilla becomes completely detached. This is when the hair begins to shed. This stage generally lasts about 6 weeks but can last up to 12 weeks at times. Once the telogen stage is complete, the hair growth cycle starts all over again.
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If you are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, your hair is spending the majority of its time in the telogen phase of the hair growth cycle. The opposite also holds true.

Laser Caps

Laser caps are designed specifically for men and women who are struggling with hair loss. These FDA-cleared, at home hair growth treatments are equipped with low level light therapy (LLLT) and emitted through medical grade laser diodes.

When the LLLT is emitted from the laser cap, the light therapy stimulates blood flow in the scalp. When this happens, an increase of oxygen and nutrients from the blood is able to reach the hair follicles. From here, the hair is encouraged to grow and generate new hair follicle cells on the scalp. This is how the hair growth begins to grow in thicker and fuller than ever before.

Laser Cap Specifics

Laser caps are worn every other day for a specific time period. They are specifically made to be portable and completely hands-free. This means that you can complete treatment wherever and whenever you want and that is convenient for you!

For example, you can wear your laser cap every other day in the comfort of your own home, while running errands, while doing chores, etc. You are not tied down to go to a clinic every week to get this proper hair growth treatment.

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Laser caps typically produce new hair growth results in 6-8 months with most users. However, there have been reported results seen in as little as 4-months. Results vary depending on each individual and how their hair and scalp respond to the low level light therapy treatment. 

Are Laser Caps Safe to Use?

These medical devices are FDA-cleared and clinically proven to be safe and effective to use among adults ages 18 and older. There are no known side effects from using these products.


Laser caps are the best at home hair growth treatment on the market today. The clinical studies and research have proven this to be true. Even scientists and medical professionals are turning patients towards low level light therapy and laser caps to help patients regain the strength and length of their hair.


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