Hair Growth Tips Women

Hair Growth Tips Women

Have you ever tried to get long attractive hair as shown in the ads on TV? Never mind. This article is just for you …

There are so many medicines, gels, tonics and other products available that are open to hair in the market. Not only does this leave our pocket empty, but it also results in quality hair loss. Instead of following a few simple tips, women’s hair health will improve and shorter hair will become your own. Here is what is said about them.

Think positively about eating healthy

Only when the hair loss is reduced does our hair growth improve. Many of us adopt a stressful lifestyle that quickly leads to baldness. Therefore, a healthy diet of the day is a must. Eat 3 times each day and eat 5 colored fruits in the center of the bowl.

Oily hair

When you wash your hair with a wide variety of products available on the market, hair becomes dry. So stop experimenting with your hair and use natural homemade remedies. Most importantly, take half a cup of mustard oil and heat it. When the heat starts to heat, add the mustard oil and the dill seeds and mix well with the spoon. Then cool the mixture and apply to the hair follicles and leave it on for a full night. The next day wash the asses with a mild shampoo. Follow this every two or three months. Doing this will double the hair growth than usual.

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Cut hair

Have you stopped cutting hair? However your hair growth will stop completely. This is also the reason for hair loss. Cutting hair every two years not only increases hair growth but also improves their health.

Do not use hair styling products

Reduce the use of color and re-bonding products for your hair. Using products with chemicals like these can harm your team’s health. So wash your hair every day while keeping your hair conditioned. As the hair becomes dry, the scales become thin and growth stops.

Use safe hair packs

There are many types of hair packs available on the market. Only use products that belong to a well-known brand. Also, avoid heat as much as possible. If you are exposed to intense sunlight, the hair will be damaged. At this time, go with an umbrella, or scarf, over your head.

Also, do not forget to tie your hair before bed for the day. Learn about the quality of your hair and their texture. People who have oily hair do not have any problems with shampooing during the day. They should use a hair pack with henna or henna every 15 days. By doing this, they get good results.  

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