The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Header Design in 2021

Twitter Header Design

Twitter Header Design

How do you design a Twitter header? It is appraised as one of the most important parts of your Twitter profile, but it can also be difficult to create. This article will go through all the best practices for an aesthetic Twitter header design in 2021. We’ll even showcase how to make an amazing Twitter header with Venngage!

Start With a Good Photo

The first step in creating an excellent Twitter banner is finding the right photo. You can either use your image or search through stock photos for inspiration. The main thing to note when picking a picture is that it needs to be high-resolution and look good on any background color you choose, so stick to a photo with a white background.

When designing your Twitter header, the best choice is to go for either vertical or square images to display better on Twitter. You can also do both! Here are some examples from Twitter accounts that have mastered their Twitter banner:

You might want to consider using a grid system when putting together your image. If you use the same photo for Twitter and Facebook, it can be nice to have different layouts to keep both profiles consistent.

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Twitter Header

Every twitter header needs to have a color scheme. You can choose one or two colors that you will use throughout your Twitter banner, but try not to pick too many as it may be distracting and hard to look at. When choosing Twitter colors, you need to think about how they work and look with your picture. If you’re using a bright photo, twitter colors may need to be toned down, so the header doesn’t appear too heavy or glaring. Here are some examples of Twitter headers that work:

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Using twitter color schemes can also help you build connections between different social media profiles as Twitter colors are also used on Facebook.

Don’t forget to edit out any hashtags or @names that will show up in your image

You don’t want these to be visible when someone clicks on them! It would be best to make sure there aren’t any logos or watermarks in the background. If there are, Twitter users won’t be able to click on the image for more information.

If you have a lot of text in your header, don’t forget to use @mentions so that Twitter users know who they are seeing/interacting with! You can also add hashtags or symbols like stars, hearts, and smileys if it makes sense for your Twitter profile. Also, don’t forget to use twitter colors throughout your banner!

You can choose one color or two for Twitter banners. Make sure you avoid using several different shades of the same color as it will be too hard to look at. You also need to ensure that any text covers up no part of your photo, so people know what they’re clicking on when they see your Twitter profile!

Make Your Title Stand Out

Next, you’ll want to check that the title of your Twitter account is clear and easy to read from a distance. There are several ways that Twitter users can click on an image in their news feed, so you need to stand out with a good Twitter header.

When designing your Twitter banner, consider using an extended version of your logo or a font that matches it as the background for Twitter users to click on. You can also use different colors and shapes around Twitter profile titles, so people know where to look when they are scrolling through their feed.

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How to Change Twitter header?

One last thing to consider when creating a Twitter banner is that Twitter users have different screen sizes, so you need to make sure your header looks good on every device. If someone can’t see the full title of your Twitter profile because it gets cut off at the top or bottom of their phone, they might not realize who they are following.

For Twitter users on a desktop to have your banner be about 1500 x 500 pixels. If you are tinkering with an image with text in it, make sure that the font is big for them to read easily.

Twitter banner size should be between 400 and 600 pixels tall on mobile devices to still see everything on Twitter.

We recommend using Venngage if you need to know how to make the Twitter header fit for you! You can either use our template or upload your image with the dimensions: 1280px by 425px (vertical). Don’t forget that Twitter users will be able to see the title of your Twitter banner when they click on it, so make sure that everything is easily legible!

Take note: You can also search for how to remove the Twitter header if you want to change it every two months.

Making Your Awesome Header With Venngage

Now that we’ve gone through all the best practices for Twitter header design in 2021 let’s look at how easy it is to make an amazing twitter banner with Venngage. This website makes it super simple and fun (I swear!) to put together a professional-looking Twitter header for yourself or your business. Be guided with the Twitter header size above for an amazing banner.

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Venngage lets you create Twitter banners with a fun and easy-to-use graphic maker. You can choose from their many pre-made templates to get started or upload your background image! It’s as dragging and dropping the different elements onto the page, resizing them to fit together perfectly, and filling in any text fields. There are also lots of cool images that you can use for your Twitter banner backgrounds – everything from leaves to photos of outer space (yep!). When you’ve finished editing, Venngage will give you an option to download it as a PNG file or SVG file – whichever works best for what you need!

Twitter Header: Ready to Create Your Own?

Now you know what makes a Twitter header great and how to create one. You should also make sure your social media accounts are linked together on one page and post updates across each platform for maximum exposure.

When you are finished designing your Twitter header, print it out on some paper and hold it up to different screens. Does everything look good? Are the colors still visible across all devices? If not, go back to the Venngage banner and try again!

As long as you keep these Twitter header design tips in mind when creating a Twitter banner, Twitter users will know who they follow when they click on it! What are you waiting for? Get designing yours today with Venngage!

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