Nine steps to improve your website’s ranking on Google

website’s ranking

website’s ranking

As much as we tailor content according to the users’ needs, how well it ranks may be the missing link between a user and the website. There are steps that you can take to improve your ranking on Google. Such as:


Improve your website’s ranking by creating a site map. Take all the information on your site, i.e., the videos, content, and graphics, and show how they relate with each other. Then submit the file to Google through Search Central. The file will enable Google bots to index your site and ensure no pages are missing and cannot be found entirely through searches.

Give relevant information to bots.

Provide all the necessary information to Google bots through a robots.txt.file. Be on the good side of these bots to rank your features higher in Google searches. Find out more on the web robots page.

Delete Replicated Content

You can quickly bring down your Google rankings by duplicating content. Search bots detect the same content repeated on various pages, and even if you put it intentionally, whatever your aim is, it will not work but crash your SEO ranking.

Have static content

It may not be as crucial as having static content in the past, but it has an impact. Static content reaches the intended use without any need for modification or processing. Search engine bots interpret static content easily compared to dynamic range.

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Use keywords with permalinks.

Permalinks are URLs expected to remain the same for an extended period. Create them using keywords such as (products/fridges/coolfreezepro). This will give you better search rankings than numbers or random information. You are at an advantage if you provide the bot with easily identifiable data.

Check the internal links.

When your site’s pages have clear architectural links, they are highly favored by Google rankings. The search bots can link information from one page to another, which will happen with users. Create a menu that shows the pages as they are related, and it will also become more accessible for search bots to rank your site.

Get Keywords that your target will likely use.

If your content is text-based, incorporate keywords that your target audience will most likely use. Use them throughout your content, including in the permalink and title. However, don’t overdo it. Keep in mind Google bots can’t read images. Any videos, pictures, screenshots of texts should be accompanied by a caption or a description for a more straightforward interpretation by the bot.

Let there be a relation between your keywords and objectives.

Get keywords that correlate with your business objectives. To feature highly on Google, search for those keywords or consult Neal Hamil Agency.

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Improve on Inbound Links

If your site is mentioned on other websites, it will rank highly with various search engines, including Google. It’s a privilege sought after by multiple businesses, and it’s not done quickly.

Ready to get help?

The information in this article will give you insight on what to improve to rank higher with Google search engines, though you can only do so much. Need help? SEO experts have more profound knowledge in this field and are better placed in dealing with search engine results.

Trustworthy and competent SEO experts will have testimonials of improving various businesses and their Google rank results. However, be on the lookout for those professionals promising overnight success or radical increases in traffic and conversions. SEO is a gradual process that cannot take place within hours.

As we come to an end, keep in mind money can only take you a few steps. A hired agency or an expert in your marketing team should be able to guide you on the best way to improve your website to rank highly. That said, creating high-quality content is the only guarantee, and without it, your best strategy will only remain so on paper.

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