Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ

Weddings are a central part of every culture. It is a time for celebration and enjoyment. There are rituals to be followed and a post-wedding party to be enjoyed. Because of this, a wedding DJ must be able to navigate the wedding scene like a professional! 

A few practical suggestions to get you started.

Know Which Song Requests To Accept And Which Ones To Turn Down

This entire process needs to be easy on the body. Requests for songs that don’t fit the mood of the audience can arise. Unless it’s the bride, groom, or someone in the immediate family, you’re only responsible for a group of people as a DJ.

As long as you’re not hurting or offending anyone by saying no to a song request, you should not hesitate. Firm but not ferocious is a good rule of thumb to follow. If you’ve established a good rapport with the audience, you’ll be able to turn down song requests in a healthy way.

Pick Music That’s Suitable for All Ages

It is important to remember that your audience is a diverse group of people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints. You won’t find this demographic at a nightclub or a drum and bass music festival.

If you want to win over the crowd, you’ll need to appeal to a wide range of people.

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This is part of the reason why wedding music tends to be sing-along anthems, well-known pop classics, and less offensive hip hop and dance tracks. In the end, the grandmother, who’s 80 years old, just wants to dance a little.

Have An Idea Of What Equipment You Will Need And Where It Can Be Found

Depending on the venue, some or all of the necessary DJ equipment may already be in place. Check to see what you can use, how much you are allowed to use, and the quality of the equipment on hand. Many times it is out of date or poorly kept. Luckily, Wedding DJ Melbourne guys have everything they need on hand.

DJs who have their own equipment may find it worthwhile to take the course. In this way, you’ll have a complete understanding of all of the material at hand. When you are more at ease and relaxed with the equipment, you will have a better overall show.

Ensure That You Arrive On Time

There’s no way I’ll be late. As a reminder, being late is not an option!

You’re just a small part of a complex event that has many moving parts. Don’t be the one to blame when things go wrong.

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Keeping the wedding guests happy is critical to the success of many wedding DJs, many of whom are hired through word-of-mouth. Don’t forget to find out when they expect you to arrive when they expect you to set up, and when they expect you to begin playing.

Finally, What Can The Hosts Do?

Simply keeping in touch with your fiancee is a crucial part of your wedding planning. Your DJ should be aware of your preferences, as well as those songs that you don’t want to hear. Make a schedule of activities, such as the first dance, cake cutting, and garter toss, and when to mention the wedding hashtag reminder so that no one gets distracted.

In addition, you’ll want to know what the DJ will wear, whether or not he or she will take requests, how many breaks there will be, what equipment is needed, and if you’ll have to supply anything. Check to see if the contract is clear about what is expected of each party. You should also verify that the DJ who shows up is the one you had in mind.

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