What is slimming esthetics?

slimming esthetics

In order to improve your style, it is necessary to diet through exercise and dietary restrictions, but even if you lose weight, it is still difficult to achieve your ideal style.
This is because the fat you want to lose may not come off, and the fat you don’t want to lose may end up falling off. Slimming aesthetics are recommended for those who want to lose weight beautifully. While esthetics is for people who want to look beautiful, slimming esthetics is for people who want to lose weight and look beautiful. Slimming beauty treatments allow you to lose weight in areas that are difficult to achieve with dieting.
You can receive support to pinpoint the fat you want to reduce. Ordinary beauty treatments can help you get a good-looking body by improving blood circulation and lymphatic flow, but if you want to reduce the areas you want to lose weight, a slimming beauty treatment is highly recommended.

Effects of slimming beauty treatment

It’s said that you can lose weight through beauty salons, but if you don’t get the results you expected, is it really worth the high cost? I’m worried.
Since it is an expensive diet, you are naturally concerned about whether the results are worth the cost. The effect of slimming beauty treatment is to make the area you want to lose thinner. Although it won’t help you lose weight overall, it has the appeal of helping you lose weight in areas that you were unable to slim down on your own, such as if you couldn’t lose weight even though you went on a diet. Another effect is that it relieves swelling. Swelling can make you look bloated even though you’re not actually fat, but a slimming beauty treatment improves lymph flow and blood circulation, which eliminates swelling.

Among the parts of the body, it is said that it is difficult to lose weight from the hips to the thighs and knees. Squats are said to be a good way to slim down your thighs and buttocks, but if you don’t do them correctly, you’ll end up building muscle underneath your cellulite, which can make your legs even thicker, so be careful. . Slimming beauty salons offer special courses for these areas, so you can expect great results. A common problem faced by women when dieting is that they want to keep their breasts, but when they go on a diet, their breasts become smaller. Slimming aesthetics can slim down your legs, upper arms, and back, so you can leave your chest intact and slim other areas. In this way, slimming beauty treatments have the wonderful effect of allowing you to leave the parts you want to keep and lose the parts you want to lose.

People who are not very effective

Although slimming beauty treatments are highly effective in reducing partial body weight, some people may not be able to really feel the effects.
One of the reasons is that you rely on slimming beauty treatments for dieting. For example, people who think they can lose weight just by having a 1-2 hour treatment at a salon once a week may not see any results. Slimming beauty treatment is only a support for dieting, so you will also need to make an effort on your own. By maintaining a regular diet by exercising and avoiding excessive eating and drinking, you will be able to achieve the benefits of slimming beauty treatments.
Another reason is that people who are not overweight to begin with may not feel a big effect. Whether a person is thin or fat is a subjective matter, and even though others may see you as thin, you may see yourself as fat. In such cases, it may be ideal to look more stylish by building muscles instead of just getting thinner, and in addition to slimming beauty treatments, it may also be necessary to maintain a stoic body shape. .

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You can consult with an esthetician and get advice on what kind of menu is best for you. Furthermore, there may be a problem on the beauty salon’s side. You may not be satisfied with a treatment that does not give you the results you desire. Therefore, it is important to receive counseling at several salons and choose the one that suits you best.

To improve the effectiveness of slimming beauty treatments

Slimming beauty treatments are meant to help you lose weight, but you can also diet effectively by practicing self-care. First of all, it is recommended that you refrain from eating or snacking for about 2 hours after receiving the treatment. If you eat while your metabolism is high due to slimming beauty treatment, the absorption of the food you eat will be too good.
After the treatment, your body will be in a state of detoxification, so if you eat anything during that time, the effects will be diminished. Furthermore, it is recommended that the first thing you eat after your treatment is something that is easy on your stomach, such as vegetables or fruit.

Adequate hydration is important, but if you drink cold drinks at this time, your metabolism will slow down, so hot water is better. Also, it is important to improve lymph flow and blood circulation by doing lymphatic massage and stretching on a regular basis in order to lose weight. Since the treatment is temporary, you should also try to build a body that is easy to lose weight and hard to gain weight in your daily life.

Slimming beauty salon ranking

1st place: Kirei Salone

Kirei Salone is a slimming beauty salon that is popular among celebrities. Bouquets of flowers were delivered to celebrate the store’s opening by Hayumi Hamasaki, Miki Fujimoto, Kumikki, and more, indicating that many celebrities also use the service. True to our statement of ambition, “The circle of happiness is beauty, and we want to make Japan beautiful through beauty salons,” we have created a flat-rate beauty salon in order to make beauty salons more accessible.

The beauty treatments at Kirei Salone are characterized by “genetic testing based on scientific evidence,” “original beauty methods,” and “original methods using cutting-edge machines.” First, the scientific basis is that genes are not exactly the same for each person, and the nutrients that are difficult to metabolize and the types of fats that are easy to burn differ depending on the person’s type. By knowing your genetic type, you will be able to implement an efficient diet. To do this, we first conduct a genetic test to find out the cause of your inability to lose weight and your skin type.
The second feature is an original beauty method that is conscious of body fluid circulation. 70% of the human body is water. When the water that each tissue needs is properly delivered and what is not needed is excreted efficiently, the skin and body shape can be kept beautiful. The body is connected from head to toe, so Kirei Salone provides full-body treatment to allow body fluids such as lymph, blood, and cerebrospinal fluid to flow smoothly, creating a body that does not rebound. The third is an original method using state-of-the-art machines, and there are four types.

      • ●@ Normal flow of blood, lymph, and cerebral bone marrow fluid (by improving the circulation of body fluids, you can expect not only a diet effect but also an improvement in skin quality.)
      • ●A Excretion of excess water and waste products (these are the cause of cellulite, so they are expelled from the body)
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●B Destroy fat cells with a state-of-the-art machine (To prevent fat cells from becoming enlarged, we use a special machine to destroy only the fat cells that have grown too much)


●C Return the pelvic distortion/skeleton to normal (by returning the skeleton to its normal position, the flow of blood and lymph will be improved, making the body less likely to rebound).

In this way, the appeal of Kirei Salone’s beauty treatments is that they are custom-made and efficient beauty treatments tailored to the individual.

The price plan is interesting, but the joining fee is 10,000 yen and comes with a full refund guarantee. The monthly membership fee for the size down course is 15,980 yen (once a month), and the monthly membership fee for the full body beauty body flat rate course is 25,000 yen (once a month). Please check the official website for prices as the campaign details change from time to time.

2nd place

Viture Viture is famous as a hair removal salon. It mainly operates in the metropolitan area. This hair removal salon is popular among women and has even won first place in the Oricon beauty salon hair removal category. Viture also offers a cavitation course as a slimming beauty treatment. Diet problems are different for each person.
The areas of concern and the degree of fat accumulation vary, such as the appearance of fat around the stomach, the blurring of the boundary between the buttocks and thighs, and the appearance of the upper arms tapping like a furisode (long-sleeved kimono). Even if you want to lose weight or reduce fat, you may not have the time to exercise, or you may not know how to lose weight in the first place. If you leave it to Viture, it is possible to realize a custom-made style revolution according to each person’s physical condition and constitution.For example, one person has successfully reduced his weight by 11.4 kg and body fat percentage by 16.2% after 8 months of treatment.
High results cannot be achieved with slimming beauty treatments simply by performing treatments at a salon; it requires effort on your part, but seeing examples like these gives me confidence that I might be able to do it myself.

Another appeal of Viture’s courses is that you can freely combine them yourself. You can choose your favorite areas such as upper arms, stomach, hips, thighs, and calves within the set number of repetitions. You can also specify any part of your body, such as your face, back, or ankles. Therefore, I think it is very suitable for those who want to reduce costs by intensively reducing the size of a specific area, or who want to finish the process in a short period of time.
There are four methods of treatment. “EMS” vibrates the muscles at the frequency generated by the putt, producing the effect of aerobic exercise. Recommended for people who have difficulty getting rid of fat in their lower abdomen or who don’t like exercise. RF (Radio-ha) generates radio waves, which are a type of electromagnetic waves, and the vibrations create friction on fat, which uses the heat to break down fat. It is effective in areas where it is difficult to reduce fat, such as those who have been told through a health check that they have visceral fat. The “Fat Burning Dome” is placed inside a dome that matches the size of your body and uses infrared rays to heat your body from the core.
You’ll start sweating profusely in just 10 minutes. It increases the fat burning effect by increasing the body’s metabolism. “Hand massage” is performed by a professional to remove accumulated waste products, soften fat, and help burn fat. At the same time, it lifts up the muscles and achieves the ideal body line.

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Viture’s cavitation fee system is such that the more times you visit, the more advantageous it is. The trial course is 3,000 yen per session, the 13-course course is 99,800 yen (7,676 yen per session), the 26-course course is 182,000 yen (7,000 yen per session), and the 39-course course is 234,000 yen (6,000 yen per session).

3rd Place:

Yuri Takano This salon was opened by Yuri Takano with the desire to continue to take care of our customers in a way that honors her name. Yuri Takano
has been pursuing beauty for 40 years, based on the philosophy of “A spirit of love and compassion. Contributing to the beauty and healing of people through aesthetic techniques.”
We have three quality guarantees. For one thing, we continue to pursue technology that satisfies our customers by thoroughly educating our staff on Oriental medicine, nutrition, disinfection psychology, etiquette, and more. Second, by providing an elegant and high-quality interior, we aim to provide a more comfortable service experience. Finally, estheticians are trained to become technicians who can provide peace of mind through repeated training such as new employee training, full-time employee training, and step-by-step training. In this way, through thorough education and dedication to the salon, our customers can receive services with peace of mind and comfort.

In April 2013, we became the first beauty salon in Japan to obtain ISO 9001 certification, the international standard for quality management systems, confirming once again our high quality. At Takano Yuri, we bring overseas beauty techniques back to Japan and prepare original courses by adjusting them to suit the skin and constitution of Japanese people.
Takano Yuri has five golden rules.

  • ●@Graphing weight diary. Measure your weight four times a day: right after you wake up, right after breakfast, right after dinner, and right after you go to bed, and graph it. Due to this thorough management, the system allows you to clearly see when you are snacking or eating a late-night snack, for example.
  • ●A Meal advice. You will be instructed to eat 11 ingredients in a well-balanced manner every day.
  • ●B Fullness check & mastication method. This involves checking whether you are hungry before you eat, and checking whether you feel full after eating by chewing each bite 30 times. This will make you feel full even with a small amount of food.
  • ●C Aesthetic gymnastics and daily exercise. Perform regular gymnastics and exercise to efficiently burn calories. Types of gymnastics include belly shaping, thigh shaping, lower body shaping, upper arm shaping, and back muscle strengthening. Follow these instructions and practice them yourself.
  • ●D beauty treatment. Professional hands use a machine to focus on the areas of concern. Furthermore, a relaxation course will lead to healthy and beautiful skin.

Pricing plans vary depending on the length of the session and course plan, but they generally range from 6,000 yen to 10,000 yen. Some of the more expensive ones cost 15,000 yen or just under 20,000 yen. There is also a kaatsu training plan, which costs a little more, ranging from 10,000 yen to 35,000 yen.
It seems that you can expect results from the thoroughly programmed slimming beauty treatment.
If you have trouble losing weight on your own, you may be able to get the body of your dreams with a slimming beauty salon. The key is to choose a salon that suits you and make sure to put in your daily efforts.