5 makeup habits that could be harmful


Not removing makeup before going to sleep is one of the worst mistakes we can make, since makeup clogs the pores and prevents the skin from breathing.

Makeup became one of the great allies of beauty for most women . Thus, it can be a great help to improve the appearance of the skin and the face in general.

For years the cosmetic industry has worked in the development and production of thousands of aesthetic products . These are intended to meet the needs of each woman.

However, not knowing how to use these elements in the correct way or the fact of adopting some habits without knowing their consequences can increase consultations with the dermatologist for the problems that are occurring in the skin.

For this reason, it is very important to be aware of what not to do with these types of products . Thus, we must try to avoid them so as not to take risks.

Here are some misuses of makeup that can harm your skin when ignored.

1. Share cosmetics

Between friends or family it is very normal to share clothes , accessories and many other fashion elements.

This makes many women have no problem sharing their makeup products as well. Watch out!

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Sharing lipsticks, eyeliners, powder and even application brushes can increase the risk of viral infections . This is the case, for example, of conjunctivitis and mouth ulcers.

Thus, if the other person has a contagious infection, there is also a risk that their bacteria will remain in the products. In this way, they can reach your skin by contact.

In addition, performing a good facial cleansing can help us remove blemishes and show healthier skin.

2. Use false eyelashes

Long and abundant eyelashes show off a more expressive and beautiful look. In pursuit of this, some women have chosen to frequently use the popular false eyelashes that are glued on .

Precisely that product to stick them on the eyelids is the one that could be harmful , since some contain formaldehyde. This component can irritate the eyes.

Therefore, we must always choose glues free of this substance.

Also, improper use of this product can cause natural lashes to become brittle and break. However, putting them taking the appropriate precautions makes their use somewhat safer.

3. Sleep with makeup

Many women come home tired after work or an evening activity. Thus, they think of everything except removing all the makeup they have used to look perfect. Serious mistake!

This habit prevents the skin from having enough oxygenation to repair itself during the rest period.

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In this way, the next day problems can be seen. The cosmetics make the skin pores become clogged and consequently can develop some form of acne.

In addition, some products may cause irritation to the eyes . And it is that during the night they can penetrate without the person realizing it.

4. Use expired makeup

As with food, makeup comes with expiration dates . These indicate the life span of the product.

After the indicated date, it is probable that the composition will begin to undergo changes. Therefore, it should not be applied to the skin to avoid the development of alterations.

Those of good quality usually last a long time, but they have an expiration date that must be respected.

Not throwing away a product after a while can cause an infection or irritation .

In addition, when the indicated date passes, they tend to lose their pleasant aroma and it is likely that their consistency is no longer the same.

5. Apply eyeliner over the water line

The eyes, like many parts of the body, have natural bacteria that can act for better or for worse. It all depends on the stimulus and the function.

By using items such as pencils or eyeliners on the inside of the eye, that is, above the water line, you may be introducing external bacteria. This could  increase the risk of developing infections and clogging the sebaceous glands .

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It is estimated that 30% of the eyeliner particles enter the protective layer of the eye when the product is applied on the so-called water line.

And you, do you have any of these habits? If so, you should try to change them. You will see how your face appreciates it.

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