How to heal naturally with your diet and natural treatments


If you are tired of suffering from diseases such as: Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Overweight and Diabetes or “simple discomforts” such as: Constipation and skin blemishes. There is a website that can change your life. is a community and website that teaches you how to cure diseases naturally from home using a healthy and medicinal diet.

You will find: Health tips, recipes, natural treatments and a conversation area where you can ask questions to health professionals and receive free help to combat your health problems.

All the knowledge of Nuevas Evas is supported scientifically and in its experience helping hundreds of people to regain their health.

In this article you will discover how New Evas uses food with a high healing capacity to eliminate diseases naturally .

And you will find 5 tips so that you can start putting this diet into practice today and don’t stop taking care of your body.

Benefits of healthy eating to combat:

Scientific evidence indicates that a diet with a high healing capacity is effective for arthritis, fibromyalgia, overweight, diabetes, anemia, cholesterol, constipation and skin blemishes.

A diet with plant-based foods made up of fruits, vegetables, seeds, sprouts and nuts has scientifically shown its power to reduce pain , improve sleep and health in fibromyalgia and arthritis.

The foods in this diet have enzymes, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory vitamins that reduce inflammation and pain in arthritis.

In turn, the medicinal properties of these foods produce changes in the intestinal flora that decrease inflammation and the immune response in arthritis.

In fibromyalgia, these foods improve the body’s response to stress and help control pain and other symptoms such as cognitive problems and non-restful sleep. (1) (2)

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On the other hand, in relation to overweight and obesity, a diet of this style prevents weight gain mainly due to its high content of fiber, vegetable proteins and healthy fats.

People who follow this diet have a higher consumption of fiber and unrefined carbohydrates and a lower consumption of refined foods, sugars and sodium, which helps to lose weight. (3)

In addition, the large amount of fiber that this type of diet contains reduces cholesterol values and reduces the use of the medications used.

In the event that you have anemia, the absorption of iron from foods of plant origin in a diet with a high healing capacity is favored by the high content of vitamin C and A in this diet. (Four. Five)

All the aforementioned characteristics of a diet with a high healing capacity have been associated with a lower risk of constipation and favor intestinal transit. (6)

Additionally, a diet rich in real, real foods is related to the prevention of risks of related diseases such as diabetes.

This diet improves insulin sensitivity and reduces the values ​​of glycated hemoglobin, that is, it allows the use of insulin, which helps control blood sugar. (7)

This type of diet heals you on the outside, cares for your skin and allows you to reduce the score on the MELASQOL indicator, this indicator assesses the damage and the severity of skin blemishes.

This is explained by the content of antioxidants present in foods of plant origin, especially phytochemicals such as quercetin, kaempferol, lycopene such as those found in guava, blueberries, spinach and almonds. (8)

A superior diet provides varied foods rich in nutrients that recover and reinforce your body’s natural ability to prevent and cure different diseases.

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5 Tips to integrate Food with High Healing capacity into your life:

1. Eat Foods with Enzymes

We have millions of enzymes in our body that perform all the functions, both vital, breathing and more complex, regenerating cells and tissues and allowing your body to heal.

Foods rich in enzymes that cannot be missing in your daily diet are fruits such as pineapple, papaya, red fruits, vegetables such as leafy, celery, cucumber, carrot, dried fruits such as almonds, cashews, hemp seeds and chia. (9)

2. Limit consumption of packaged foods

This provides empty calories, without providing nutrients to your body, empty calories fatten, inflame and create an acidic medium in the body that does not allow healing. Calories come from its high sugar and fat content.

Be careful, do not be fooled, many times the shops offer products that claim to be healthy but that are processed and lose their properties.

An example is the well-known stevia. You have wondered why if it is a green grass you acquire it in the form of a white powder.

Surprisingly, even a natural sweetener from a plant has undergone this industrial processing, losing its medicinal properties. (10)

3. Start your day with a green breakfast

Unlike packaged foods, foods of plant origin have been scientifically proven to cope with and overcome multiple diseases.

If you usually start the day with a typical black coffee and cheese toast, the energy it provides only lasts until mid-morning and then you will feel down and lacking in strength.

A green breakfast integrates leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dried and dried fruits. An extract or mousse: green will provide you with fiber that allows breakfast to be absorbed slowly and have long-term energy, as well as nutrients. (eleven)

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4. Learn how to combine medicinal foods

A single recipe is not enough, other changes in your diet are necessary to have a healthy life and prevent diseases with your diet.

Learn how to combine each recipe with the rest of the day, know how to have a balanced diet. The human body requires both macronutrients which are carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Although we require lesser amounts of micronutrients, we do not cover the necessary amount by learning to take advantage of food.

This promotes the development of disease and limits the ability to heal.   (12)

5Participate in the community

Lean on the community of Nuevas Evas and Adanes that like you seek to eliminate their aches and pains using completely natural and effective treatments that do not cause any harm or side effect to your body.

Get the joy of winning the battle against your diseases , share your emotion with friends and family.

Eating healthy should not be a suffering that isolated you from people, on the contrary, find new friends in the community, share your experiences and learn about healthy eating.

Once you see for yourself the benefits of a diet with high healing capacity and the benefits of cleaning your body to start enjoying the benefits of this diet.

Everyone deserves to know the secret of having a full health free of diseases. It is very simple, pay attention to food and receive expert advice from nutrition specialists on the Nuevas Evas website.

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