Tips for jogging after confinement


To run again after confinement it is important that we accept our limits and do not try to force ourselves too much. Try to minimize the risk of injury. Discover some tips.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a state of confinement being declared in many countries. After this period, resuming daily activities can be difficult. One of those things is going for a run.

In Spain, confinement has lasted about 50 days. You are now allowed to go back out to exercise at certain times of the day. The problem is that after being inactive for so long this can be challenging and even too aggressive for the body.

In addition, many people have decided to go running for the first time, either because the gyms remain closed or because it seems like a good way to resume the sport. Therefore, in this article we explain some tips for running after confinement.

When and how can you go running?

This is one of the main aspects that we must take into account. In each place the security measures that have been chosen are different. In Spain, different time zones have been established to go out for sports and avoid contagion between age groups.

The hours that have been set to go running are from 6 to 10 in the morning and between 20 and 23 at night. In addition, it must be done individually and at a distance of one kilometer from the home.

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The truth is that the infections by the coronavirus have not yet stopped. Therefore, preventive measures must continue to be taken into account. It is very important that we try to maintain social distance and that we continue to use a mask.

Tips are useful for running

Before going out for a run we must be aware that it is normal that we do not have the same physical shape as before confinement . For this reason, we must try to start gradually and try not to overdo it in the first days.

As we are recommended to keep a limited distance, and also many parks remain closed, the ideal is to think about the route before going for a run . Also, it is very important to warm up in advance at home, as it can help prevent possible injuries .

When we start running, it is best to start smoothly with a light jog for about ten minutes. Depending on the area we have chosen, we can meet many people or few.

It should be remembered that we must keep a safe distance from other runners or people who walk. In general, they have recommended that this distance be about 10 meters when we are running. 

However, if we intend to overtake someone, this can be somewhat difficult. To do this, it is best to stand in parallel with that person and, as far as possible, try to overtake the recommended 10 meters.

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What should we remember?

It is important to keep in mind our own limits and keep a rhythm accordingly. In this sense, those who are not used to going for a run, it is best to do it smoothly, without exceeding the first day. The same applies if we have been without physical activity for a long time.

Above all, we must be cautious, as hospitals continue to be crowded with coronavirus cases . The risk of injury must be avoided as much as possible, both by not collapsing the centers or by not having to expose ourselves to being in contact with other patients.

Also, keep in mind that going for a run is a habit, not something that works on time. When finished, you have to stretch your muscles correctly at home or without touching street elements such as streetlights or railings.

Although the confinement is coming to an end, we must be aware that it is in our hands to prevent infections and carry out all possible security measures.


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