What is the best diet to go to the gym


Food is the basic energy that our body will use to carry out all the exercises, with which we will now analyze which foods are the most suitable.

If you go to the gym it is because you have decided to lead a healthy lifestyle. Surely your food is low in fats and sugars. But many times, when it comes to exercising, we don’t know what is the best to eat before or after sport. Therefore, in this article we tell you what is the best diet to go to the gym.

Taking care of our diet if we are active people can help us increase performance, define muscles or lose weight. In addition, feeding ourselves with  enough nutrients, antioxidants and calories so as not to lose heart when exercising is the key.

The best diet to go to the gym

It is one of the most frequent questions that we all ask ourselves when going to practice some type of physical activity . Since food is the basic energy that our body will use to carry out all the exercises , with which we will now analyze which foods are the most suitable.

What to eat before?

Before a directed class or using the machines in the gym , we must control our diet well and not binge on food.

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Foods in small quantities are perfect, but they contain the vitamins necessary to nourish us. An example is nuts, which have healthy fats , oatmeal with milk, yogurt or a fruit such as a banana.

Another good option is the bowls, now so fashionable, that carry yogurt, nuts and seeds, such as chia, which contain omega 3 and protein. To drink we will hydrate ourselves with water . It is good to drink half a liter of water approximately before starting the training, but also without exaggeration.

Before going to the gym it is better to  avoid foods rich in fat or sugar . If you come from eating a large meal, forget that day at the gym or go when at least 2 hours have passed after eating.

What to eat next?

Once we have finished training, we need to hydrate quickly and eat slowly. We can start with  fruit and also nuts , and then make a somewhat more complete meal, based, for example, on fish, rice salad, pasta with seeds and tomatoes, dairy products, meats, eggs and protein shakes.

It is the moment to take protein and not to take excess fats or otherwise, we will recover everything that we have lost in the gym and also, we will not be eating in a healthy way.

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We will surely be very thirsty, so water will be our best option against dehydration . Although there are some isotonic drinks, which without ever abusing them, can restore us to our great physical activity.

Frequent food mistakes to go to the gym

Many people make some common mistakes in their diet when entering the world of  fitness  and healthy living. We present some of them so that you can try to prevent them successfully.

  • Do not increase the amounts: if we start exercising daily, we must eat more calories than before, even if we want to lose weight.
  • Skip a meal: We must eat five times a day. If we try to skip a meal, surely we need a larger quantity in the next and eating more, we will not achieve our goal.
  • Fall for the false  light :  when we buy in the supermarket, we must be attentive to the labels of the products, since many of them are sold as “healthy” when they actually contain large amounts of sugar.
  • Not having patience: if we think about starting to get results the first week and we don’t get it, we will want to abandon the diet . Therefore, we must be constant.

Do not fall into these mistakes that beginners in the diet usually make when starting in the gym and eat correctly from the beginning of your physical activity to progress in the shortest possible time. Finally, we recommend that if you have more questions about which is the best diet to go to the gym, go to the nutritionist.

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