Whole-value meals and alcoholic beverages following the DGE’s 10 policy

whole-value meals DGE 10 policy alcoholic beverages

Whole value food products are balanced, promoting both efficiency and health. In fact, the German nutritional community has developed 10 rules according to current technology, which help you eat with satisfaction and are also received in a balanced way.

Enjoy the range of food. Complete meals and also drinks have a varied variety, good volume and a mix of regional and healthy food. Decide on typical plant foods. These have a health-promoting influence and support a sustainable diet.

Lots of cereal and potatoes

Bread, grains, pasta, rice, the best of whole grains, and white potatoes consist of lots of vitamins, minerals and also fiber and also phytochemicals. Consume these foods that contain low-fat active ingredients. At least 30 grams of thread, especially whole grains, should be consumed every day. Higher consumption reduces the risk of various food-related diseases. Fruit and vegetable products – take “5 at a time”.

Enjoy 5 servings of vegetables and a fruit product per day, whether fresh, briefly cooked or even periodically as an extract or even a healthy smoothie – along with each main meal and also a snack.

Therefore, you supplied liberally along with vitamins, minerals and also thread and also phytochemicals and reduced the threat of diet-related disorders. Give preference to seasonal items. Milk and dairy products daily, fishing once or twice a week, pork, sausages and eggs in bulk.

These meals contain valuable nutrients, such as calcium in milk, n-3, iodine and selenium fatty acids in fish.

Fish, choosing products with recognized lasting beginnings. Within the structure of a total diet plan, you should eat no more than 300-600 g of chicken as well as bratwursts per week. Chicken is actually a supplier of vitamins and minerals (B6, B12 and also B1). Breast meat (chicken) is actually much cheaper than reddish chicken (meat, pork) from a health standpoint C.

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Choose low-fat products, especially meats and dairy products

Low-fat and also high-fat meals. Body fat provides important (necessary) fatty foods and fatty acids also consist of vitamins soluble in body fat. Because that is actually quite enthusiastic, the improved consumption through nutritional surplus can ensure the progression of obesity. Many hydrogenated fats increase the likelihood of fat levels of metabolic conditions along with the achievable outcome of general cardiovascular conditions. Prefer vegetable oils and body fats (such as rapeseed and soybean oil, as well as spreadable fat products).

Note unseen body fat that is normally included:

  • pork items
  • dairy products
  • delicacy
  • pastry shop
  • fast food and finished products

A total of 60 – 80 grams of fat deposits per day is sufficient. Glucose and sodium wholesale.
Only from time to time you eat sugar and foods or drinks, which are actually made together with various sweets   (such as blood sugar syrup).

Imaginative taste, along with herbs and spices, as well as low sodium. If you use salt, then it improves along with iodine as well as fluoride. Lots of liquid.

Water is important for everyday life

Drink fluids of about 1.5 liters per day. Prefer water along with carbon dioxide – or even not as good as low energy cocktails. Rarely consume alcoholic sugar-sweetened beverages. They are enthusiastic and can easily transfer the development of excessive weight with increased supply.

Because of the health and wellness hazards included and actually only consumed in small amounts, alcoholic refreshment should simply be necessary sometimes. Careful cook. Cook food at low temperatures, as this is done, with little water and also little body fat – this achieves the natural taste, uses fewer nutrients and also protects against the development of hazardous substances. Use as new components. To minimize unnecessary packaging waste.

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Take a moment and enjoy it

Take a breather for a dish and do not consume it incidentally. Take a while, which brings up your sense of satiety.

Focus on the weight and maintain the removal:

  1. Complete diet plan, lots of training and also sports (30-60 moments at a time) all belong together and help you to moderate your body weight.
  2. For example, regularly as soon as you put on shoes or use the bicycle. This protects the environment and also promotes your well-being.

So remain highly effective! Meal! Some of you can probably eat a healthy and balanced diet in the work environment. Nevertheless, others give time to get a full meal and also eat it alone by simply missing them.

Nurse practitioner or even sales associates – each career has different requirements. The fat criteria for a building and construction worker are above that of an office worker to a third. Operating hours vary. Some have offered a bottle, others have to provide it themselves.

A guideline uses the career

5 sections of fruits and vegetables daily are best. Frequent, balanced meals create pleasure and also gain health – don’t have pleasant or even greasy treats on your desk or on the couch. These only saturate in the temporary. In addition, they lead to only low levels of functionality, cravings and the popular tiredness during lunch.

Along with the best meals, you will deliver great long-term work quality and stay away from diet-related health problems.

Find out exactly what you can do to ensure you stay reliable. Food items in the canteen. Based on the German Community for Nutrition (DGE), the perfect lunch time is reduced in body fat, but nevertheless nahr – and also high in fiber. Vary between vegetarian meals, meat products and fish during the week and it is also easily accessible on the buffet.

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A large portion of salad can take out the main meal.

Balanced recipes include white potatoes, rice or even whole wheat noodles. Light-toned and low-fat meals acquire performance. For dessert you should opt for vibrant salad or homemade cheese and also hyperlinks leave birthday cake and sweet clubs.

The excellent elderly Hamilton. That is not actually a canteen accessible, which could count on the excellent outdated Hamilton, the lunchtime box or lunchtime cardboard.


So you can minimize the best chances because you have to fall away. Fix a portion regularly if you have overly cooked and hot foods in the office home kitchen. There is actually no microwave, you could rely on tasty club sandwiches. Clean vegetables, vegetarian spreads, pesto or cheese sandwiches provide the essential PEP. Tossed salad can also be effective, if you wrap the bandage independently. In addition, you should fill up on dairy products such as yogurt, cottage cheese and cheese, as these consist of vital calcium mineral.

“Hi there, I’m the little hungry one!” Even though it is tempting, stay away from delicious chocolate, cookies or birthday cakes. Sweet increase in blood sugar levels and therefore the focus only for a short time. In difficult times prefer tryptophan dishes such as fruits, get access to cashews, pineapple and avocados. So you feel much more relaxed, considering that they slow down the degeneration of serotonin. Tropical drink, tomatoes, pepper sticks, yogurt or even rice cakes are practical energy for snacks.